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Our philosophy when it comes to portraits of any kind is to relax, enjoy, and have fun, while creating timeless portraits that you will always treasure.  From brides to the blessings that follow, we are honoured to document all of the most important moments in your life.

With the dawn of the digital revolution, there are more wedding photographers offering more services to brides and grooms then ever before.  In today's photographic climate, a great wedding photographer must be masterful at shooting architecture, still lives, and of course, people - all the while dealing calmly with anxious brides, grooms, and parents.  When it comes to your wedding, we capture all of the moments that make up your day.  From your dash down the aisle as man and wife, to all of the details that you have painstakingly chosen to make your day personal and unique; our job is not complete until we  have captured it all.  Since Jennifer photographed her first wedding in 1995, she has learned the value of composing images to create your desired aesthetic, rather then just 'snapping away'.

When it comes to children, we know that they change all to quickly.  Each baby quickly becomes distinct, not only from others of his baby tribe, but from himself in all his different baby stages.  The small smushed features sharpen, the limbs unfurl and loosen, the hair falls out and the early high flush fades.  The infant is almost a stranger to the toddler.  The expression becomes livelier and your baby looks nearly as different from her former self as one baby is from another.  At Jennifer Price Photography, we understand how important it is to capture the moments of childhood before they slip away.  Newborn portraits are just the beginning, and we particularly love it when we are privileged enough to build a relationship with our smallest clients from birth into adulthood.

With our passion and love of children, we strive to capture the expressions and mannerisms that make your child unique and individual.  The child sets the tone for each portrait session as we allow them to play and interact with their surroundings, resulting in images that are always distinct and expressive.  A session is never finished until we are sure to have captured your child fully and completely.

In addition to photographing your beautiful family, we are also dedicated to professionally photographing your athletes, offering elite images that showcase your athlete in a new and contemporary way.  We offer unique Player Art Photographs, taken against a greenscreen, as well as dramatically lit, high profile Dressing Room and Athletic Portraits.   Because of the quantity of players photographed during one session, our team sessions remain very competitively priced.

While we would love to try and work within your specific budget, please understand that any work we discount takes time away from our family. If you are a repeat client, you will automatically receive discounted pricing on tabletop photographs.

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